A Day in the Life

Sorry I have been MIA – super busy ensuring our Kickstarter Campaign for RingHero was a success…AND IT WAS!!!! You guys! This is so exciting. A lot of work still to do, but we are so grateful for all the support.

So a small glimpse into our lives is below. I realize our life choices are not for everyone, but we are happy and healthy and will continue to strive to do the best we can.

6:50am –

Alarm goes off. J pops out of bed, checks the montitor (as Liv calls it) to see our baby girl playing independently in her crib. Honestly you guys, I have NO idea what time she wakes up in the morning. None. She doesn’t call out, she doesn’t scream. She cherishes the alone time in her crib, free to stretch and wake up at her leisure. Jon will get her in the morning, change her, grab her milk and bring her into bed with me with for few more minutes of morning chill time. She likes to read books in the morning as she drinks her milk, most often spilling it all over our bed. Awesome-sauce.


7-7:30 –

We all get ready together in the bathroom. Most recently, she likes to sit on my counter and have all her animals with her, kissing the soap and watching me put on my makeup. Other mornings she will find something to play with in “her drawer” the bottom drawer in our bathroom. She has a scarf, some floss, lotion, hair ties, a shoe…you the get the picture.

7:30 –

Nanny/childcare arrives. We are truly blessed to have the most amazing nanny. I realize this is not for everyone, but for us, it completely works and we can afford it. Mon – Weds we have Halima. She has a gentle soul, loves to laugh and is very patient with Olivia, allowing her the freedom to play & have fun. She has been our only nanny since I went back to work when Liv was 3 months old and we are extremely fortunate to have her in our lives. On Thursdays my sister watches her (we call her Thia, Greek for Aunt) and on Fridays my mom (Yia-Yia). It is a godsend to have family available to care for her and expose her to #differentfolksdifferentstrokes. Yia likes to rock out to Michael Jackson on the reg.


7:30-7:45 –

We pour ourselves cereal, which often gets eaten on the way to work. Most mornings the hubs and I carpool together. I have gotten into the unsafe habit of eating my cereal while driving so he can check his unread emails from the night before/early morning go-getters. Eek!

8:15 -5pm –

As a leasing rep for a major mall owner, my days are never dull. A combination of scheduled phone calls with retailers, cold calls with new prospects, internal meetings, brainstorming sessions, the time passes quickly. I typically travel one – two days every other week. Leaving before the sun comes up and getting home well past the P’s bedtime. Normally, I relieve the nanny at 5:30 (er…5:45 as I am always late, thanks traffic). My job is more flexible and forgiving in the amount of hours spent in the office than Jon’s. On these travel days it puts a bit more burden on our typically family schedule/logistical roles, but so far, with advance communication, we’re A-OK. (FYI – we don’t have a joint family calendar as we individually live and breathe by our work outlook calendars, so we typically send each other calendar invites.

5-5:45 –

Drive home. With our new-ish home, I still haven’t found the best route to get home. Part of the reason we wanted to stay in the city was for the short commute to work. This doesn’t seem to be the case right now. Throwing out F*bombs at Waze, bicyclists, uber idiots driving 10 mph. I finally make it home. Some days if J can leave early, I’ll pick him up on my way. Other days, he’ll L, uber or taxi home, making it home just in time for bath time! This is a never ending topic of conversation. It’s more economical to NOT have a second car, but the hubs should not have to take PT every day, but being preggo I really don’t want to either. Ugh. #problems.

5:45-7:15 –

The Gauntlet. This is crunch time of our evening routine. I usually make dinner just for Liv as J and I will eat after she goes to bed as our dinners tend to me more intricate than chicken tenders and veggies with some sliced fruit. I would love to find a way to eat as a family together… After dinner, we might play for a bit or depending how long the process takes, Jon & Liv will head upstairs for bath time fun and bedtime routine, while I clean up and lay out the dinner ingredients, er, scroll through snap & insta.


7:15-9:00ish –

Make dinner, download on the day (for days when we drive home together, we catch up in the car), watch TV, relax on the couch, read magazines, crank on RingHero to-do’s. I love this downtime and find myself to crave the time to recharge.

9-10 –

Being pregnant, I aim for 8 hours of sleep a night. So we’ll usually head up around 9ish, tidy up the bedroom and watch an episode of Shameless (have I been under a rock?! We are just wrapping Season 1!)  I’ll do my bedtime routine (which seems to take longer and longer these days yet I have no idea what I futz around with), write in Liv’s journal (have every day since she was born) & lights out.

Things I would like to find time for (welcome any advice and tips!!)

*Take Rooney on a walk every day – right now we have a dog walker come twice a week, we walk him every Sat/Sun. Dude needs to get out more.

* Work out – now having a home gym, we’ll see how often this gets used. Three weeks and counting and I don’t know how to turn the treadmill on…

*Read More Books – this was the first month i had NO idea what our monthly book club reading was. Ashamed, not really, but I like to attempt to participate. And I have a stack of grief books, parenting books and chick lit that I fear the advice is going to be outdated by the time I get around to read them!

What do you find most helpful as you stay sane throughout the day? How do you make your days run smoothly and more efficiently? What do you think you take for granted and what would you like to be more grateful for?




**First appeared in Rockette Women


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