Top Ten Things I am Thankful For

So much to be thankful for each year; despite the highs and lows, life is good. Here is my Top 10 of unordinary things that I appreciate in my world:

  1. Freedom of Speech – while this political outcome is not what I had hoped for, and my newsfeed is still cluttered with god awful political jargon, I am thankful we live in a country that allows each one of us a voice.  
  2. Rooney – our sweet pup has seen better days. Literally in one vet visit recently, he was diagnosed with an ear infection (remedied on site, but ears cannot get wet for 30 days), dry skin with scabs on his back (that require a bath every 2 days for 2 weeks – but I can’t get his ears wet?!), eye infection (eye drops 3x per day that I can’t administer because pregnant rats in a lab had cleft babies?!), tartar (requires brushing teeth daily) and a recent bout with fleas that are thankfully on the mend but still require due diligence in the form of constant vacuuming and monthly pills. Earlier this week he sliced his nose going after an ice cube on the bottom of our oven. All of this is a reminder how helpless our pets are and to be thankful for their unconditional love. Literally you would have no idea any of this were going on with him due to his spirited attitude. #worstfurmamaever   
    Mr. Rooney!


  3. Change in Seasons – when leaves fade and crisp fall air rolls in, I am super thankful for this time of year. Self-reflection, excitement for a new year and what’s to come…and cookies. And donuts. And all the things sweet. Let’s indulge!!! (note to readers: I am 25 weeks pregnant and do not give a shit about the amount of donuts I consume on a daily basis)
  4. Amazon Prime – this one has been hard to admit since I work in retail so I heavily depend on consumers to shop brick-and-mortar to keep our malls vibrant. #donttellmyboss
  5. Kindness – we need more of it to help the world go round. When received, it warms your heart.  And when given, it lights up your soul.
  6. Asos – yes, another online retailers but seriously they have some of the best maternity wear! Affordable and stylish!
  7. Sleep – lord knows I love my sleep. Gearing up for some sleepless months when the little dude comes, I am soaking as much up as I can.  Shoutout to the hubs for taking Liv every weekend morning so I can squeeze an extra hour before my hungry stomach or bladder wakes me up. Arianna Huffington agrees.
  8. Curiosity and the Ability to Listen – I like when people ask questions and inquire.  Could be as small as a selfless conversation among friends or as deep as new found puppy love. Stay curious people!
  9. My Daughter – for reminding me to have patience and enjoy the little things.  Slow down. It’s OK to get messy. Be happy. 
    Olivia, Olivia’s Garden, Beverly, Chicago


  10. RingHero – working with three of your best friends, actually working well together, allowing for a creative outlet, humongous learning curve and getting to see your passion project come to life? Nothing cooler. Well, maybe a Cider Spiced Donut from Glazed & Infuzed

What are you most randomly thankful for? Have a Happy Thanksgiving, wherever and whomever you celebrate with!




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