2016 Year in Review

As I reflect back on this past year, I can’t help but think of how much went down. Honestly, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I think my bliss of the past three or four months is overshadowing the tough stuff we went through as a family this year.

Nothing compares to the utter devastation of losing my dad, aunt & grandma in 2015, but 2016 had a lot of emotional cliffs that I felt we teetered far too close to falling over. The hubs and his team were acquired mid-year, paperwork finally commencing in September. A negotiation that took way too long and was so heavily debated internally in his mind, nightly in our bedroom, in the car on the way to work, while prepping dinner – I mean, all the time. I know my love has analysis paralysis, but imagine the next few years of your working life being decided for you. You have relationships on the line, future money at risk, clients and accounts to manage. All of this said, it was the best thing for him and for our family. I think that is why, after the ink settled on the contract, he could breathe a sigh of relief, and our family could get back to operating at full scale, with two healthy, happy parents at the helm.



We sold our townhome and moved into a gorgeous, albeit ginormous, house in July. Our townhome was amazing; a true labor of love. We gut renovated it over two months while living in our 3-flat. It was such a fun process; literally every morning we would go before work and check in with our contractor and then visit nightly on our way home from work and see the progress. This was our first home as a married couple, where Liv learned to walk and a place with fond memories of my dad. The energy spent on selling this one and searching for a new one, while super fun for me, was definitely draining at times. We had the best real estate agent in town who had our interests at heart and found our dream home and we couldn’t feel luckier.

Moving Day 🙁


Say cheeeeese!


About 2 weeks before the impending move date, I surprised Jon with a really thoughtful, fun Father’s Day gift – a stick with pee on it, that read “pregnant 1-2 weeks.” Poor guy hadn’t even had his coffee yet, however this mama couldn’t wait!   He was thrilled to say the least, although his reaction “shit, really? Wow, that was fast” meant his baby making excursions were about to slow down. Tmi. #sorryimnotsorry My pregnancy with Liv was amazing; this one, had me more nauseous in the first trimester, not a good place to be when we needed to move and decorate our home and a toddler to chase after and play with. Second and Third trimesters have been great, minus some excruciating rib pain. I’ll take it if everything else is smooth sailing. We are excited to welcome baby boy within the next 6 weeks and 5 days, but who’s counting 🙂 #bringontheepidural

naturally she had no idea she was holding pee…

My business partners and I successfully launched a product this year! RingHero – THE athletic accessory that keeps your rings safe. On top of working full time (remember, leasing mall space is my jam), we found time to start a business. No easy task considering we had no idea what that entailed, nor do we have product design/manufacturing/selling experience. What we do have is passion, grit, great communication skills and know how to divide and conquer.  We had a successful launch on Kickstarter, raising over $17,000. Our website is now open to taking pre-orders as the product is currently being made, set to ship to the public early-February.

While the past few months have been great, every day I have a hole in my heart. As the pace of life can speed up, some days I honestly forget that my dad’s not here. Other days are spent crying, sad that my dad hasn’t heard Liv say “Rooney took a deuce outside” and that he will never meet his grandson. That he wasn’t around as we were buying our home, a process I’d always thought I’d have him by my side. Sad that my mom is alone. Sad that when Jon and I have a fight, I can’t call him to calm me down #hormonalpregnancyrage. Sad when I hear an ambulance I wonder if they had gotten there sooner, what would have happened.

ah, the crimper, can we please bring that hairstyle back?!

Looking forward to game-planning for 2017, welcoming our son, navigating life as a soon-to-be-family of 4 + Rooney. Hopefully relaxing more, going with the flow more and hell of a lot less changes.




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