Mother’s Day – Crosstown Classic Style

This past Mother’s Day weekend was so fun! My mom watches the kids on Fridays and my sister stopped over in the morning before work to surprise us with Cubs tickets for the whole fam!! Hailing from Chicago’s South Side and my mom & sister being Sox fans, this was especially nice as it was the Crosstown Classic!  

Although it was rainy, a bit on the chilly side and a 1:20 game (meaning the kids might be total lunatics by the 2nd inning due to the timing of naps) – it could not have been more fun!!!! The kids cooperated for the most part; Jon did end up leaving early to get Gray down for a nap. The cocktails flowed and we all ended up acting like three olds rolling around with Liv in the The Park. It was beyond fun. Throw in a rickshaw ride home and it was perfect!

That is until both Liv and I came down with 102 fevers on Sunday 🙁 I ended up with strep throat and my fever skyrocketed to 103.3. Like how does that even happen to an adult?! The most achy I have felt in a long time.

Liv had a sleepover at Yia’s on Saturday so we could enjoy some solo time with Grayson. An early dinner at one of our fave kid friendly spots, Oyster Bah, and an easy bedtime routine with Grayson allowed for a fun night together with Jon. We played Scrabble for the first time in years and I freaking CRUSHED him. With a slightly bruised ego, he was impressed with my ability to make use of all the odd (high scoring) letters. It’s nice to have some quiet time with one another – no emails, no needy kids, no distracting TV.

Hope you had a great Mother’s Day as well and felt extra special on this day.




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