Georgia Grey Father’s Day Montrose Beach

A Letter to my Husband (Happy Father’s Day!)

Dear Jon:

Who knew that ditching out of work early on a Friday back in 2008 to hang on the beach as the sun set, eating mangos, would lead to this life. We have been through some extreme highs and some devastating lows, but always have each other’s back.

Sharing the happy news of the positive result on the pregnancy test (me screaming hysterics from the bathroom to him in the kitchen, eating chips and salsa, naturally) garnered not one “oh shit” but the same reaction when we found out we were pregnant with Grayson. Not how I imagined we’d start our family, yet I wouldn’t change it. You always keep me on my toes and your honest reactions are priceless!

Georgia Grey Father’s Day
Typical weekend mornings

Seeing you cry as I delivered Olivia made me feel safe and took this love to a whole new level. Seeing her little fingers grip your giant ones made me understand just how big of a change this was for you too. You are a father. The unconditional love you have for our children is a beautiful thing. The parenting books, articles, discussions with colleagues and friends – you soak it all in and actually put it to practice. You have taught me how to parent. And when I’m losing my cool and battling it out with Liv, you step in and referee. Even after a long day at work, you do it with ease. And the way Grayson lights up when you get him every morning, makes me beyond jealous.

I am in awe of you each and every day. And my gratitude runs deeper and deeper every day.

I wish my dad could see you now; you are the son henever had and in his words on our wedding day “the son I never knew I wanted.”

I love you with all my heart.



To all the dads, soon-to-be, men trying, dad’s who have lost children, grandfather’s that get to watch their own sons have a go at it – you’re doing great. Kiss your loved ones, remind yourself life can be hard and it is truly a gift. Let’s cherish each other. 

And to my own dad, watching us from someplace special – I hope you’re getting a good chuckle out of us navigating this whole parent thing. Your guiding light is strong and I aspire to be more “chill” like you on a daily basis. (trying counts for something, right?).

Georgia Grey Father’s DayGeorgia Grey Father’s DayGeorgia Grey Father’s DayGeorgia Grey Father’s DayGeorgia Grey Father’s Day


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