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Summer Must Have’s for Fun in the Sun

Some days it feels like summer has finally arrived in Chicago (hello hot & humid!), and others are spent indoors because of the rain or cold, figuring out what to do with our crazy kids who need to burn some energy. It will be here to stay soon enough though! So bring on the beach, pool and rose!

I grew up a water baby, going to the neighborhood pool on the regular. So much so my Yia would call my sister and I her “little brown babies” because of how tan we got (NOT in any sort of racial way, k? She was the sweetest old lady!). Jon and I would like for our kids to enjoy the fun that the pool and water brings too, but haven’t quite figured out how to get in a regular dose while living in the city. I’m too judgy/worried about the (sanitation of the) public pool and haven’t bit the bullet and joined MidTown or East Bank. So we’ll have to rely on the beach or our amazing friends who do have pools and are kind enough to let us come over for playdates. 

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Below are my summer must-have’s for fun in the sun:


  • Sunscreen – loving what Beauty Counter offers with their safe and effective products.
  • Lip Gloss – SO important to have SPF on our lips. I made this terrible mistake where I kept “hydrating” my lips while in Bermuda with a non-spf gloss and omg! I got terrible sun blisters it looked like I had the herp! (which I do not, thank you)
  • Waterproof Mascara – love YSL and doesn’t smudge!
  • Sunglasses – Jon got me these adorable Warby Parker sunglasses for mother’s day!
  • Swimsuit – recently stumbled upon Albion Fit while visiting Salt Lake. Their cuts are SO flattering for my mom-bod, one that I hope to whip back into shape this summer and get back into a two piece (just in time to bundle up again for the winter, oy).
  • Towel – obsessed with The Beach People roundies – pricey, but super chic and unique!
  • Water Bottle – I have been obsessed with Swell water bottles for years and Sarah’s story is beyond inspiring! Her Lilly Pulitzer collab is on point!
  • RingHero – duh. No Brainer. Who wants to get sunscreen or sand all over their gorgeous ring!


  • Sunscreen – we use the same Beautycounter one on the kids. Warning, you do have to reapply every 2 hours though.
  • Water Wings – I was against these for the longest time, wanting Liv to learn to swim on her own. Turns out, she’s obsessed and it helps ease the pressure of having to watch her like a hawk (which of course I still will…)
  • Towel – love these personalized ones from PBKids (and they’re on sale!)
  • Swim Suit – I have found Hanna Andersson to make really adorable ones with UPV protection that doesn’t fade in the sun or chlorine
  • Swim diapers – personally, I am a fan of these washable ones vs disposable.
  • Sunglasses – a must for kids!
  • Pool Toys – these fishies Liv likes to scoop up, this float – too funny not to have at your next pool party!

What can’t you live without this summer, besides wine and laughter? Hope your summer is off to a good start!



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Grand Palladium, Jamaica
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Georgia Grey Summer Must Have's Flying Livvy
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