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Cubs Game Fun

Sunday we went to the Cubs game with dear friends. This is the second year in a row this crew was able to get their act together to make plans and go! It’s super fun since their two boys are about 6 months older than our two kids. Last year was a bit cold, Gray was 4 months old and to sum it up, the day was a blur and kind of a shit show. Fun, but holy hands on.

Cubs Game Georgia Grey May 2017

This year the weather was insanely hot and sweaty, fortunately both kids could skip their afternoon naps and not be total lunatics. And this mama enjoyed a bevvy or two and actually let loose! I find that when I’m less of an uptight b, my kids pick up on that carefree attitude too. 

All of the fun started AFTER an ER trip for poor little Rooney – who we thought swallowed Jon’s wedding ring, but turns out was buried under the couch leg. Poor guy had to undergo a major vom sesh and scan to have the “missing” ring turn up. We both feel terrible for getting mad at the poor little guy and vow to be extra kind to him this month! It is his birthday month after all!

A rickshaw ride home in the rain and deep dish pizza was the cap to a perfect weekend.

Love on the rickshawRickshaw Ride Home in the Rain

Liv looks thrilled to be riding in the rain!

Sharing my top tips to have fun with your kids at a Cubs Game – or any baseball game for that matter!

Know what you’re allowed to bring in. Check HERE for the information guide at Wrigley. Think child stuff you might need – stroller, diaper bag, milk, etc. Wrigley allows strollers, but they must be gate checked at Bike Valet in the alley just east of the main entrance. 

Getting there – L, parking, uber, walk; use SpotHero to get your parking spot in advance. We took an uber on the way since we were running late (sorry Rooney!) and live just under a mile and then took the rickshaw home.

Food: While not the healthiest of options, we found Liv LOVED the bag of peanuts – she liked using her fine motor skills to open the peanuts and the fact she could throw them on the ground and make a mess! Soft pretzels are easy for young toddlers to chew and you know the rule about cutting the hot dog into teeny, tiny, non-choking pieces. Enjoy a ballpark dog and IPA yourself and relax! Outside food/bottle for babies are permitted as are unopened water bottles, saving you tons of $$ on the inside! Lena and I are convinced if you just keep feeding your kids the whole time you can last until the end!!

Mother’s Room: When we went last year, they had a small room in the First Aid office (main concourse 1st baseline) they designated as the mother’s room. It was warm and cozy and something about bonding with other moms trying to live a normal life while breastfeeding is supportive.

Best Seats: Depending on the time, sections near the first baseline and home plate are most likely in the shade. Kids 2 and under do not need a ticket and are still considered lap babies. Score!

Go with the Flow: If your kid is squirming around the seats, take him out to the Park to run around for a bit. I have had to learn the hard way to not try to control the situation, breathe and reboot. Just manage your expectations and you should be fine #lifelessonsIneedtofollow

What are some other tips you have for ballpark fun with your kiddos?

Happy Almost Fourth!


Eliopoulos and Cordell crew at the Cubs GameSilly faces with Liv


Olivia CheeringNiki and Lena from aboveNiki and LenaDaddy and GrayGray on Daddy’s ShoulderCubbie Bear and Liv

as close as she would get

Niki and Gray Cubs Game July 1 2018


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