Liv and Ellie 4th of July

Fourth of July in Suburbia

This Fourth of July was one summer outing I was REALLY looking forward to. Fortunately we were invited back to Molly and Dave’s in the suburbs, after a debaucherous Sunday a month ago. Kids galore, food and bevvies a plenty, hilarious rafts (NO, we did not have. a penis one, get your head out of the gutter! We have children!!…but do they make those?!) and the best company around. I knew this holiday celebration would not disappoint.

Crew at the Rymarz Pool

It’s a day that does have waves of sadness as this was one of the few final times spent with my dad before he passed away. I remember it vividly; it’s funny/ironic how these seemingly normal occurrences have a way of impressing in our memories, even years later. He and my mom came over for a fun BBQ; totally casual, just relaxing, grilling out. Jon and I were so exhausted as Liv was still getting up once a night at 6 months old. My mom always has a boundless amount of energy, my dad a bit more reserved. We had so much fun dancing along to The Rolling Stones & Grateful Dead. I still feel my dad’s energy constantly, it’s a more calming feeling than anything.

Sharing some fun pics from yesterday.

Hope you had a safe and fun Fourth of July spent with good people who warm your heart.



Liv and Gray 4th of July

Liv’s Romper, Target || Gray’s Shirt, Target; shorts, Mia & Mac

Molly & Niki Twinning

My Spirit Animal, matching shirts, Tipsy Elves

Food Spread 4th of July


Niki & Molly Suits

Niki’s Suit, Albion Fit; Hat, Anthropologie || Molly’s Suit, Target (it’s reversible!)

Back of Niki's Suit
Obsessed with the back of this suit!


Daddy & Liv

Liv in the Baby Float






SUCH a great day! You look fab!

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