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New Mom Survival Essentials

Yesterday we had a blast at a co-ed baby shower BBQ where the whole fam was invited! Such a fun crew and we are so excited to welcome another dude to this world! Rach and Dave are going to be amazing parents!

So I am never one to deter from registries, however, I do tend to give mom and baby a little something they might not know they need. Going from zero to one is the biggest life change I have ever experienced. You go from being totally selfish to constantly aware of the time and who needs to be where when. It’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time #amiright ?

While I love all the things baby, there are some things you just downright need as a new mom. Here’s what I’ve found to be my (albeit weird) essentials (either for you or makes a great gift for your new mommy friends!): 

  • Monica & Andy Blanket – this is my go to newborn gift. I always get it monogrammed and they have the most adorable prints. Pricey, but the organic cotton, breathable muslin is so worth it. Plus, it’s a lux gift that will be with the babe for a long time, a constant reminder what a great gift-giving friend you are. 
  • Wubba Nub – for your little babe to have something to hold on to while getting used to the world. Babies shouldn’t sleep with lovies or blankets before the age of one, when they are developmentally ready to take them off their face. #scary
  • Lipgloss – keeps mom feeling somewhat human. Maybe because both my kids were born in the winter, I always felt my lips being super dry!
  • Nipple Cream – no one will talk about this, but you will NEED this. Trust me. Tried and true over all other brands, this one is natural. See my other post HERE on all things breastfeeding.
  • Swell Water Bottle – beyond important for mom to stay hydrated while nursing. 
  • 5 Year Journal – I’ve been obsessed with using these for both of my kids, typically a great wind down during my bedtime routine. 
  • Soft (cheap) Undies – let’s be honest, we’re not diving into our Hanky Panky thongs post-birth for a while. I find these ones super comfy and they don’t really show lines. 
  • Your Tribe – other mom friends you can lean on for advice, text during middle of the night feeds, ones that won’t judge and will offer a shoulder. 

It’s important to know that there is no greater gift to a new mom than sleep; so offer to come over for a few hours, cook, do the dishes, fold the laundry so mama bear can nap.

What are some of your go-to new mom must-have items? How do you survive the first few weeks/months?



My shorts and top, JCrew (old); Sunglasses, Chanel || Grayson’s Romper from Mac & Mia, Mikimiette; Hat & Shades, BuyBuyBaby


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