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Thriving at Work…and Barely Surviving at Home

I was listening to a podcast on one of my drives in the middle of nowhere and they were discussing balance. You can try to achieve equilibrium but ultimately it ebbs and flows. So while one day you might be crushing it at work only to come home to a messy house, a whiny toddler and a dog that hasn’t seen a bath in who knows how long…I don’t even want to think about it because he licks my kids faces and snuggles on my lap. #gross

The other day you might have made breakfast AND dinner from scratch, kids are fully clothed in CLOTHES (not #hannajams) and you are showered with a super cute outfit. Your relationship with your husband feels fun and you’re laughing. Only to go to work and lose a sale, deal with an annoying co-worker, stress about a deadline that you totally forgot about, to-do list never ends, and it all feels like it’s going to blow up. Which it might and that’s OK to. One thing I tell myself is that my work is not going to hug and kiss me goodnight and to not take for granted those people that do. 

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Here are my top tips to be successful at work:  

  1. Weekly recap on Sunday nights – sit with your spouse, a glass of wine and review your upcoming week. Work schedule, kids school requirements (can’t forget about superhero Tuesday!), random appointments to ensure you’ve got coverage where you need it (and that the superhero outfit is clean).
  2. Plan outfits out for the week – gives a confidence boost, makes mornings less chaotic
  3. PM or AM daily to-dos; look at your weekly goals and pick a few to do each day. This won’t make the long list seem as daunting and keep your mind organized.
  4. Take a breather – do not get so worked up over work; go for a walk, sit in a private space and meditate. Or scroll THIS insta feed for LOL memes.
  5. Check in with your boss periodically – whether you have a formal review process or not, get feedback on what’s working and what’s not. And try not to take is personally, it’s just business. This is something I struggle with hugely!! breath and reboot 🙂
  6. Ask your friends or trusted work confidant about work issues and how to handle rather than fly off the handle

As a side note, I read somewhere that women tend to get stressed out more easily because we multitask too frequently. That everytime we make a “switch” going from writing an email mid-sentence to grabbing our phone when a text pops up to chiming in a work convo – none of which get completed fully. Oh I found the article! Read HERE Mind. Blown.

Ha, I am probably not the poster child for success right now…I am writing this while watching RHONY and texting a bestie while scrolling pinterest for living room inspiration. I do stand behind the tips though. I use them daily!

What do you do to help crush it at work?



PS These pics are from the fun HappyPlace pop-up we went to a few weeks go…when it was 105 degrees 😉 Super fun spot to be silly and take some great selfies/pics. They close August 6th so be sure to check them out soon!

Tank, Anthropologie || Jeans, Jbrand, old, similar HERE and HERE || Shoes, Valentino || Sunglasses, Chanel || Earrings, Anthropologie

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