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We played the guess your age at work the other day and I think people were just being kind to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ That said, I have spent some time trying to figure out my beauty skin essentials and skin care products that work for me. I do not have the time for a full face of makeup every day nor do I believe that really goes with my personality or look. I have been pregnant or nursing on and off for the past 4+ years and my hormones have kept me guessing as to what creams will work vs cause breakouts. I want to be proactive with anti-aging products too.

I do some trial and error on products, am very thankful for a cousin in the beauty industry who sends me samples of things (think: Sisley & La Mer, thanks cuz!), and generally try to take care of my skin. I meet with my dermatologist regularly as they offer the coolest scan of your face for free – this shows you if the lotions and potions and treatments are working. I am really into the science of things and love that my derm only recommends products that have been clinically tested so they have proof they work.

Georgia Grey Beauty Essentials AM


  • Cleanse with gentle soap. I have been using Fresh Soy Cleanser just to get the greasies off my skin.
  • Serum: prep skin with Skinceuticals CE Ferulic – super expensive but lasts a long time. Just rub 4 drops on your face and viola! Serum is like the secret sauce to getting that early 20’s glow.
  • SPF: this goes on before your moisturizer. The EltaMD one is very lightweight. I have tried the Cerave brand it honestly felt like super thick sunscreen. No bueno.
  • Eye Cream: apply with your ring or pinky finger in a circular upwards motion (I have no idea if the way I apply it even matters, but I feel like I am doing something good for my skin!).
  • Moisturize: since I tend to have dry skin, I add Cerave moisturizer and use it on my neck in a sweeping up motion. This is completely mental as I think because I am pulling my skin upwards, going against gravity, I too can have a neck like Jane Fonda at age 72.

Georgia Grey Beauty Essentials PM


  • Cleanse with Glytone Cleanser that has glycolic acid to cleanse face without being too harsh. Kind of acts as a mini exfoliator.
  • Anti-aging Cream: apply all over face at night to let the anti-aging gods do their magic while I sleep. I like the Neocutis brand.
  • Eye Cream: Can apply the DEJ brand again (from AM) or Darphin Multi-Corrective Divine Eye Cream; again gentle circular upward sweeping motions.

Georgia Grey Beauty Essentials

Periodically: I alternate between these treatments during the week:

  • GloPro MicroNeedling Regeneration Tool – OBSESSED with this. I was leary to buy something that pokes holes in your skin, but once I learned more about the science behind it, I got on board quick and I am thrilled.
    • The science is your skin cells turnover every 28 days, which is why some days your skin looks more dewy and glowy and than others; this tool helps to activate those cells.
    • I use it once or twice a week.
  • BeautyCounter Charcoal Mask – to lift the impurities (has salycilic acid in it!)
  • BeautyCounter Brightening Mask – Liv and I love this for a #selfcaresunday (they actually don’t sell this one anymore, I think mine is pretty old!)
  • M-61 PowerGlow Peel (warning: cannot use if pregnant or nursing as it has salicylic acid as main ingredient)
  • Innisfree Green Tea Moisture Mask – a cool Korean based beauty company entering the US. Smells amazing, you sleep in it and I’ve even gotten Jon to use it (shhhhhh!)

One thing I am totally on the fence about is Botox; I have done it in the past (pre-babies, so around age 30, 31) and loved the results. Then the hubs found THIS article and it scared me so much I just donโ€™t know how I feel about it.

Up next: a lazer treatment that will minimize the brown spots on my face at the recommendation of my derm; all the anti-aging products I use will help future brown spots and issues, but they do not do anything about existing spots. I was not good to my skin in my 20’s.

I would love to try dermaplaning as well! Have you ever done this before? Iโ€™m kind of scared to try this one!!




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