Georgia Grey Healthy Tips While on the Road

5 Tips to Stay Healthy When on the Road

I travel for work a few times a month. It’s important for me on these days not to go hog wild with fast food and crappy junk. Don’t worry, I always indulge in some swedish fish or gummy bears from the mall candy store 🙂 That said, I really feel it in my swollen fingers and the bloat that seems to take over my whole body when I don’t eat or act healthy on the road.

Here are some of my tips I have followed for years.

  • Watch the Sodium Content – I am so grossed out by most airport foods sodium content. I was starving on a flight home and went with what I thought was a healthy chicken salad sandwich option on whole grain bread only to read the nutrition label – 86 grams of fat and 2,200mg sodium. I had like 4 bites and nearly vommed at the thought of putting that disgusting stuff in my body.
    • Best Airport Snacks – most of these can be found at any Hudson News store within the airport: whole fruit, protein pack (with cheese, hard boiled egg, crackers and grapes), unsalted almonds, protein bar, yogurt (they likely won’t have the healthy plain Greek kind, so I find Chobani with fruit a great option), cheese stick, hummus w/ carrots.
    • Bring Your own Snacks – protein/granola bars, oatmeal packets, Justin’s Almond Butter packet, non-liquid, non-perishable stuff.
  • Drink lots of water – buy one water bottle in the airport and save it for use all day, keep refilling throughout your day. This is easy for me to do as I am visiting malls most of the time with water fountains. 
  • Sleep – get 8 hours. Depending on what you do, client entertainment schedules, etc, this might be tough. But I actually like to use this quiet time to catch up on sleep and am asleep most travel nights by 9:30 🙂
  • Walk/Run in the AM to see your locale – I love doing this in bigger cities! Throw on your tennies and hit the road! Just remember to bring your phone for GPS so you know how to get back to the hotel. Ha, the hubs forgot to do this years ago when we visited Boston, got lost in South Boston and we missed our scheduled whale watching boat tour (wah, wah).
  • Work out in your room or hotel gym using the Sweat App
    • The Westin & New Balance have a partnership and offers workout clothes/shoes you can rent for $5! I haven’t done this and not sure how I feel about slipping my feet into something someone else has sweat in, but at least the option is there! #noexcuses

What self-care stuff do you do when traveling? How do you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with Chick-Fil-A at every turn??



Tank, lululemon // shorts, Outdoor Voices // long sleeve top, Outdoor Voices // shoes, Nike (old) similar HERE

Georgia Grey Healthy Tips While on the Road Georgia Grey Healthy Tips While on the Road Georgia Grey Healthy Tips While on the Road


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