Georgia Grey Tips to Stay Organized

How I Stay Organized – 8 Tips to Balance Life

So when I told people I wanted to start a blog, they were like, what?! Seriously?! How much more can you take, girl?! I have a full-time job outside the home that requires some travel, a side hustle called RingHero, two children (3.5 years and 16 months) + baby girl on the way, a high-maintenance dog, and a husband that has a very demanding career (both of us in real estate does actually create some ease in our life as we speak the lingo and like to problem solve together). And now I wanted to start a blog?! Well, in reality, I am not starting a blog. I have been blogging for about two years, I just wanted to create my own blog and platform.

I firmly believe in the old adage “There are 24 hours in a day, make use of all of them!” Kind of like when Liv Tyler hopped in Renee Zellweger’s car in Empire Records with a plate of cupcakes and says the same thing. And homegirl was single!

Georgia Grey Tips to Stay Organized

So how do I do it all? Well, for starters, I don’t “do it all.” I DO NOT demand nor expect perfection. This takes a lot of the burden off of tackling things. Secondly, I have an amazingly equal spouse, who can sew a hole in my blouse because I don’t know how. Thirdly, I try to outsource as much as possible. I expand on these and more below.

I would love to know what you think – if I’m a total lunatic? what you do to “balance” it all?

  • I rely on my planner and my Outlook Calendar & Cozi
    • Planner – houses my to-do lists
      • This also keeps track of important work-related calls/meeting notes.
    • Outlook – keeps track of all appointments, alerts, meetings, dinners, etc.
      • I have alerts set up for when we need to pay the nanny, when the cleaning lady is scheduled, when Rooney needs to go to the groomer, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it.
    • Cozi – I thought I would use this more for Liv’s schooling/scheduling, but in all honesty I rarely utilize the calendar function and more so the cloud based running to-do list and grocery/household list. Which I guess we could just migrate over to a shared List on our iPhones…
  • I focus on RingHero & my Blog at night after the kids go to bed or on the weekends during naptime.
  • Utilize my Notes on iPhone for everything “list” related that I constantly go back to. Less “call so-and-so about xx deal” and more running tabs/idea like:
    • Blog content ideas
    • Wanderlust travel destinations
    • New Retail Concepts I need to call on
    • Baby Names
  • Organize non-work files on Google Docs or DropBox – easily accessible between Jon and I on the go.
  • Use Pinterest to keep track of specifics
    • Like the hotel I want to stay at in Tahiti #dreams
    • The adorable leather folio I desperately need
  • I organize my iPhone apps into folders – omg before I did this and had multiple pages of all the apps, it gave Jon a heart attack! Yet, I knew where everything was 🙂
  • We use iCloud and Flickr for photo storage.
  • Have 90% of my bills on autopay

Fortunately, Jon and I have the financial ability to outsource as much as possible. I realize this is not for everyone, but when applicable, it can really free up your time and mental headspace. Childcare, cleaning lady, landscaper, handyman (OMG OBSESSED WITH FIXER!!!!!!!), laundry/dry cleaning, grocery delivery. We both work hard to enjoy the free time we do have with our beautiful children. 

OK after writing this post I am kind of neurotic and I feel like it doesn’t sound like I’m fun, which I totally am! I’m just very efficient and organized!

How do you stay organized? Are there better ways of keeping track of all these things that I just don’t know about? Would love to hear from you!!



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Georgia Grey Tips to Stay Organized

Georgia Grey Tips to Stay Organized.

Georgia Grey Tips to Stay Organized.




Great tips here Niki! Thank you for sharing. I am going to cherry pick a few to add to my regimen. 😉 I do have a more serious question for you regarding your post:
I can very much relate to your organization and efficient nature. 👊I’m always curious, because naturally (I know its not the case), I feel like the only one who can’t keep it all together at times, despite my crazy efficient and organized ways.
On the days when things are pure chaos and our methods fail our best efforts: how do you handle that? Do you even have those days—-when the wheels fall off? And if not, pleeeease share that too! I really enjoy reading your writing. Keep um coming! 😉👍🏻

    Niki Cordell

    Ha! Yes, I have days where I completely lose my shit. I guess this post makes it sounds like I have it all together 🙂 I try to put whatever situation is causing me to lose control into perspective, deep breaths, wine (before preggo) and knowing tomorrow is a new day where I can apologize to the kids for yelling at them, take the dog for a walk to get a breather of alone time or tip the scale and push everyone/everything away and focus on me and be totally selfish. You’re doing great!!! What do you do when the wheels fall off??

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