Georgia Grey Baby Three on the Way

Baby No. 3 on the Way!

Our initial reaction when we found out we were pregnant again was Holy Shit. That seems to be par for the course since that was our reaction with Olivia and Grayson. Verbatim. We want three children, but I thought I would at least have the summer to enjoy (er booze it up) before we got down to business. Let me rewind a bit…

So when we found out I was pregnant with Olivia, Jon was cooking dinner down stairs and I was patiently waiting for the clock to strike 3 minutes to look at the test in our master bathroom. I screamed downstairs with excitement when it said positive. His reaction. “Oh shit, really? That was fast.” Fast forward 2 years and nearly the same situation happened with Grayson. So this time, we decided to look at the test together. I was sure it was going to read negative, Jon, quite the optimist this time put his money on positive. We played a little game with ourselves and I told him I took the test while we were putting the kids to sleep and we’d have to wait until after the bedtime routine to look together. No peeking!!! Longest 45 minutes of my life!!!

When the Clear Blue test read pregnant, my jaw dropped. That was fast. My initial reaction? Well there goes my summer. My second initial reaction? Omg I am so happy, I hope I don’t have a miscarriage. I have had two decently good pregnancies & deliveries with two healthy babies; I feel like the stats and odds are not in my favor. I also do not want to sound insensitive. I understand women and couples all over struggle with infertility. It can be a scary, sad, overwhelming, questioning time. When you want something so bad and it just isn’t happening. My heart goes out to all those experiencing this. And while I may not know personally what you are going through, I can empathize and will give virtual hugs.  

Total TMI but I only had one period since I stopped nursing Grayson in April and it took nearly 2 months for my body to regulate itself. I just didn’t think the stars would align so quickly.

I felt like total shit from about week 6-15. Nauseous, nervous, beyond exhausted.  All food sounded gross, except when it didn’t and then I could only eat what I envisioned. I had to conjure up an exciting meal just to force it down. I survived on saltines and ginger ale for 2 weeks (plus a snickers ice cream bar for dessert). When I took Liv to New York I was so sick I tried to teach her how to unlock my iPhone X and call 911, just in case.  Girl thought I was a lunatic. I do feel better when I go to bed earlier and don’t give into my shitty/sugar cravings, I physically feel a lot better. For the past few weeks I have felt so much better; more energy, I started seeing a personal trainer at my work’s gym and I swear I can feel the little butterflies of kicks. 

When we told the kids, Gray legit just screamed for “more strawberries” and couldn’t care less and Liv looked super confused but sort of got it because both her former preschool teacher and gymnastics teachers have “babies in their bellies.” And now she kind of pokes at my growing belly and always asks what fruit the baby is. To help make sense of it, we have this weekly calendar chart that shows the size of the baby as fruit comparison. Here’s a great one on Pinterest. And a friend’s brother wrote this awesome book!! 

We are beyond excited to continue to grow our family; have ZERO idea how we’re going to do it with three kids under 4. I will continue to work and welcome ALLLLLLLLL the suggestions on how to continue manage life as dual working parents, soon to be on zone defense. No seriously, please tell me any hacks, outsourcing tricks, time management, anything and everything on how you survive these young years of dependent little ones.



**Photos are by the insanely talented Catherine Crisanti

My dress 1.State; Revolve; Shoes Madwell // Jon’s Shirt Rodd & Gunn; Jeans Seven for All Mankind // Olivia’s Dress (old) & Sweater Hanna Andersson; Shoes miniMelissa // Grayson’s Top Monica + Andy; Shorts Carter’s; Shoes Geox


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