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Holiday Cards with Basic Invite

The Holidays are my most favorite time of year. Never one to procrastinate, I have my list of what needs to get done in advance so I can soak in the magic and be present. On that to-do list is order Christmas Cards. I take great pleasure in the experience of picking out my perfect card – the layout, the photo, and the best part, the family updates on the back. While enjoying a nice cup of tea.

This year, I opted to go with Basic Invite – the coolest thing about this company is they have over 160 color assortments to choose from and their selection process is beyond easy. I can’t deal with hundreds of layouts/options #aintgottimeforthat

Holiday Cards by Georgia Grey
Our Holiday cards for the past 2 years – so much has changed!

Here’s my process for personalized photos Christmas Cards:

  1. Select a few family photos – I usually just go with one big ol’ happy pic for the front. But you can select a bunch if you want to showcase a lot of life.
  2. Ensure my “sort” settings match what I am looking for. You can sort by: Event; No. of Photos; Collection; Size; No. of Folds; Theme
    1. The Key for me here is the Collection – I highlight “FOIL” which adds a special snazzy element I think my friends and family appreciate (right, guys??)
  3. Find the template that speaks to me. I am not politically correct and I usually go with “Merry Christmas” and yes, some of my Jewish friends get this and *insert eyeroll*
  4. Shape – I’d rather spend up on the foil and a few other things and find this cost unnecessary and always go with square. #callmeboring
  5. Check the “Add Mailing Service” button; upload my contacts via excel. Holy moly is this a time saver. Remember, I am happy to shell out some extra dough to save time on anything.
  6. As a bonus you can order a printed sample if need be, I usually skip this option as I’m not a perfectionist and just need to get this task done. Nice perk that it’s available to touch and feel the card stock tho!

And viola! Done and done. I don’t have to think about receiving the cards, finding time to address them, lick a million envelopes and send them back out. I can focus on baking cookies with my littles 😉


Family Holiday cards not your thing this season? Maybe you’d rather throw a festive hulabaloo for friends or co-workers; Basic Invite has you covered too! Check out their christmas party invitations templates or holiday work party invitation for more!

Given the fun color assortment, I will definitely use Basic Invite for my birth announcements and may have already shortlisted a few 😉

What are some things you do early on in the throws of the holiday to feel somewhat organized? I know folks who already have their holiday shopping done! Kudos!



Thank you to Basic Invite for collaborating on this post; as always, my opinions are my own and I will be totally honest with you about my reviews!




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