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What I am Thankful for This Year

Gratitude is an interesting thing; it has a way of making you feel guilty for not giving it/showing it as often as you think you need to. Sounds cynical, probably, however, it’s also something that takes real effort to instill and practice on a daily basis. I have struggled with not what gratitude means to me but how I express it.

I honestly could not have this life without some amazing people along the journey. I feel like my thank-you’s (verbal, text, email, snail mail) just aren’t enough. I feel throwing money at a thank you gift doesn’t feel authentic. Sometimes I feel when I express how I am so grateful it doesn’t seem to capture the magnitude of my feeling. Anyways, it’s something I’m working on an trying not to be so hard on myself in the process. Hopefully the people in my life understand how much I appreciate them 😉

Here’s a pretty good list of what I am thankful for this year (I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton):

My tribe – without you I could not function. Without you my heart would be empty. You are the most important people in my life and I love you dearly.  I don’t really know how to describe the whole in my heart without my dad, but I am beyond grateful for him. What he taught me, the time he spent with me, his open-faced turkey sandwiches, his laughter and encouragement. And how I try to feel his presence and guiding light every day.

My health – I say this to Jon all the time I think I was put on this planet to have babies. Each pregnancy has had its own various slight annoyances (the past 2 with terrible rib pain, this one with pelvic pain) but I feel beyond fortunate to have this body to care for my babies. Allowing them to grow, thrive and provide the nutrients they need when born (and for 12+ months! Can I do it again??).

The internet – as I am sitting here typing this on word because the wifi on my flight is down (omg beyond pissed). I realize how much I utterly depend on the internet for everything. Sure, without it the noise lessons and life feels simpler, but amazon, Instacart, nordstrom, google, would surely not survive if I didn’t have access to the internet every day!

Kindness – I am grateful for those that practice and teach kindness. If we each took away one bad action each day and replaced it with kindness, I think the world would be a better place. I always say to Liv every day when we leave for work “be kind and curious today!” (her reply most of the time “mom, I don’t want to be curious I want to play!” ha. Touche).

Naivety – I know myself enough to know when I just can’t handle more. I feel that my brain is SO full; Jon calls me a squirrel, as I always know where everything is or where to find the answer. “where’s lovey?” “oh, he’s behind the light blue pillow in the basement.” “where is the voltage adapter?” “any idea if Liv has school today?” “what’s so-and-so’s spouses name again?” and it’s not because he’s forgetful, it’s because that’s how my brain works. That said, there are certain topics I just do not dive into because I know my brain can’t handle it. Politics, the name of the fires in California & affected areas, US history and geography, even pop culture, I am terrible at this stuff. And I wholeheartedly admit it. So if you need a trivia person to join your team for upcoming games this holiday season, I’ll happily sit this one out (and ice my pelvis).

Jon – as we celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary today, I cannot imagine this life without him or in any other capacity. He is my rock and soulmate and I am honored to be his wife and partner. We giggled so hard core while making our own soundtrack to Law and Order last night after reminiscing about what a fun weekend we spent as a family. I am so lame but never happier.

What are you grateful for this year? How do you express gratitude?

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



Sharing some pics from our wedding day – seven years ago!

Jon & Niki Cordell Wedding Day

Cordell Wedding LaSalle Street

Cordell Wedding Ceremony



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