Gift Guide Men 2018

Thanksgiving is tomorrow which means the ultimate shopping day is just TWO days away. We have a tradition that lasts as long as I can remember, wake up at the ass crack of dawn, drive downtown to Marshall Field’s to get a special ornament. Since Marshall Field’s no longer exists and my mom and sis refuse to step foot in Macy’s, and we’re all older, out of the house now, usually a bit hungover (#letsbehonest), we have adapted our tradition to fit the modern age. We’ll just mosey over to Oakbrook at our leisure and enjoy the day – checking off our list, laughing and trying to meander through the crowds.

I frequently get asked for gift ideas for mother-in-laws, husbands, brothers, hostess, baby, etc – not sure I give the best advice but the response is usually “omg. lifesaver, these are great ideas!” so I figure I’d share my goods here.  I always start with budget, previous gifts given and then what type of person (outdoorsy, suit/tie or more formal, etc). Here’s my round up of some great gift ideas for men this holiday season. The price point varies allowing you to go big with one item or create a nice collection of smaller priced items. And I consulted Jon on a bunch of his faves too. I tried to pair mainstream brands (for ease of returns) with some new brands hopefully you haven’t heard of, really impress the dude in your life.

  1. Ugg Slippers ($110; Nordstrom) – will actually be getting these for Jon this year! I have had my pair for years! Pair this with a nice robe.
  2. Grooming Kit – Kiehls ($50), Jack Black ($35), Rituals ($59) ) – a great Netherlands based company expanding in the US. Jon is obsessed with the Jack Black deodorant!
  3. Hermes or Ferragamo Tie ($180-$200)
  4. Bar Accessories (from $9.95, Crate & Barrel) + Whiskey. Pair this with a fun cocktail book.
  5. lululemon ($108) or other awesome athlesiure brands – Aether ($165, Holden Pant), Vuori ($68, Cruise Board Short), Rhone ($118 Commuter City Pant – offering free hemming), RYU ($125, Everywhere Trouser).
  6. Anything from Huckberry. I’m obsessed with this company, their story and if you’re in New York this holiday season, check out their pop-up at 383 Bleeker Street in the West Village.
  7. Headphones ($199, Beats) I really know nothing on this subject however I see tons of people use these around the office, so they must be good (right?).
  8. Sonos speaker ($199) A singular speaker might feel weird gifting but trust me, the man in your life will find a need for this. We have this in our bathroom and home gym!
  9. Lux Card case (nice to double for a slim wallet on the weekends): Gucci ($270)or Louis Vuitton ($205) or this beautifully handcrafted one from Slightly Alabama ($55).
  10. Allbirds ($95): HUGE on this company; their sustainable efforts to create the ultimate shoe is beyond impressive. Do something good for the planet this season 🙂
  11. Sock Club (3-pack for $29) – it’s the unique gift that keeps on giving!
  12. Mavic Pro Drone ($964)- it looks like they’re going to have insane Black Friday sales! I got this for Jon last Christmas on Amazon with insurance (I couldn’t take the risk he wasn’t going to crash it!). Super impractical but equal parts fun!
  13. 3/4 Zip-up Sweater ($228) from Rodd & Gunn – loving this new to the US brand from New Zealand; again their mission to finding and using the most pure fabrics are not only super soft but good for the planet.

Please, please, please give me some feedback in the comments below what your thoughts are on these items (or my latest instagram post). I spend a lot of time curating thoughtful gifting ideas, using my research on trendy and new brands that I discover for my career. If these price points are not resonating, hopefully the new brands provide a source for items that are more budget-friendly too.

What are some other gift ideas for your man, father/in-law, boss, brother are you thinking of?




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