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Gift Guide 2018 Hostess

Like Oprah, I take pride in gift giving. It isn’t so much the tangible item, but how I feel when I think about the person or how much I hope they love the thought and care that went into it. A hostess gift can range from your bestie or spouse’s boss so needs to be somewhat personal but also a broad range in offering and price. My go-to collection is below. As I have done with my Gift Guide for Men and Gift Guide for Women, I have tried to find new brands for your perusal, however most of these concepts can be found at mainstream stores as well.

  1. Appetizer Plates (from $40): I find Anthropologie has the best assortment.
  2. Wine + stopper ($25): Stop by Binny’s for help on a wide selection and then pick up this super cool wine stopper from Uncommon Goods!
  3. Candle / Reed Diffuser (from $36): I shared this Bay Area retailer in the past, but really love their selection. You could also check out Bath & Body Works or Blue Mercury.
  4. Monogram Cutting Board (from $35): Williams Sonoma has a great selection.
  5. Napkins: (from $20 ) Ampersand in Minneapolis has the most tremendous selection of paper napkins. Pair with a bottle of wine or homemade dish!
  6. Cookie kit ($30): also fun to do with kids!
  7. Scarf (from $25): Waiting on Martha is probably my favorite home website. She has a great selection of scarfs to choose from.
  8. Coffee table book – pick a genre, search amazon “architecture coffee table books,” head to Barnes and Noble and peruse their selection or Rach Parcell from Pink Peonies has some great examples too
  9. Tea (from $18): David’s Tea has beautiful gift boxes that you can pair with cool mugs. Just pay attention to caffeine assortment; personally I like only decaf tea
  10. The laundress (from $7.99, Container Store) paired with dishtowels or apron (anthropologie or etsy has great options or search within pinterest for some DIY)
  11. Monogrammed valet tray (marks & spencer, from $49) or try this ceramic one from Jonathan Adler ($68).
  12. Yeti mug ($29) or Zak at Target is the cheaper version.
  13. Six pack craft beer with monogrammed koozies and unique beer opener
  14. Anything from aesop 😉 especially these hilariously named “post-poo drops”
  15. High quality Olive Oil and other Vinegars: (from $18 ) Eataly has a great selection.

Would love to know your go-to hostess gifts! And these don’t just have to apply for around the holidays, you can use this year round! Hope you enjoy.




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