Georgia Grey Our daughter is 4 years old

Olivia is Four!

Oh sweet bean, we cannot believe you are four years old today. Our sweet Christmas Eve baby. The old adage certainly rings true about the days being long and the years flying by. Feeling your squishy body for the first time, touching your hands and staring at those baby blues feels like yesterday. Some nights when I have trouble falling asleep I relive those moments and it provides warmth in my heart that I drift off to.

You have changed so much this past year, sometimes I forget you’re only 4. The love you have for Grayson has really developed and is so clear when you play together; yes, you could certainly work on your sharing and snatching but when you play together it warms our hearts. He literally says and does everything you do, now your very own shadow 😉

You started a new preschool at Mary Meyer in the fall and although it took a few weeks to adjust, you really blossomed. You love your friends, playing with them and using your imagination. Creating houses for your hatchimals or calico critters, working on art projects, your job each day and tell us all about it over family dinner.

Here are some highlights of you this past year:

  • Mastered pooping – finally got over withholding and it’s like your life flipped upside down for the better!
  • Took care of your fish (Betsy, Trixie and Jimmy Hendrix) which daddy subsequently killed because he didn’t read the directions
  • Moved to a big girl bed and freaking rocked it.
  • Got your first haircut, first dentist visit
  • Traveled to Scottsdale, New York and San Diego
  • Enjoyed swim class, cooking class (bear claw!), soccer class (later in the year) and love gymnastics.
  • Mastered the tricycle and scooter and tried ice skating twice.
  • You love: your lovey (but seem to be parting with it better and better), lentil soup, bubbles and chalk, being our sous chef, sweets (like mom!), trips to Costco and Target, dresses and tutus, movies on the weekend with Gray naps
  • You hate: sharing with Grayson, green vegetables, being told no without an explanation and dirty hands.
  • You love to be active in the city – the Nature Museum, Cubs games, the zoo and petting farm, Greek Islands with Yia and Thia

The way your face lights up when you’re proud and you’ve mastered something or discovered something new; or when you frown or wince when watching Home Alone’s bad guys get hurt; or when you get angry when we tell you no. Or how when we play hide and seek you always tell me where you’re going to be hiding.

I love every inch of you all the time, even when I feel exhausted or stressed or lose my cool, which you’re quick to point out. Living life through your curious and innocent eyes has been the best gift you’ve ever given me and more than I ever imagined. I am so proud to be your mommy. I love you Olivia.


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