2019 Goals Georgia Grey

2019 Goals

Reflecting back on 2018 my heart is full. I think it’s important to look at what I accomplished this past year as well as where I could have improved.

While I feel I was WAY less controlling (just ask Jon) and present, laughed a lot, made the kids laugh a lot, the anxious feeling also subsided quite a bit. We did get pregnant as planned/hoped which I am SO excited about; I nursed Grayson to 14 months; I was mindful and thoughtful; worked out (and still do with a trainer 2/week!); basically enjoyed life. We managed a solo ski trip to Deer Valley and family vacations to Scottsdale, San Diego and a weekend trip to New York with Liv and are gearing up for Disney on the 30th.

That said, I feel completely unorganized in a keeping-track-of-information-and-life-way. My personal email is the most heinous thing. I paid late fees to Comcast and Nordstrom as I couldn’t keep track of this (like what?!). I did not bookmark relevant news/trades sites nor get my finances in any sort of order. I failed to read one book I think and didn’t volunteer much with Liv as planned. I didn’t practice meditation. I’m actually OK with all of this, knowing I could focus on these items in 2019.

OK, so here are my goals for 2019!


  • Healthy remaining pregnancy and delivery of #3, we lovingly call Cashew (Liv is our Peanut and Gray our Walnut), told you, we’re all nuts 😉
  • Be less judgy; I am judgmental and it’s something I really need to work on; my way is not the best way (but sometimes it really is, duh).
  • Continue to be thoughtful in my communication with others and spend quality time with friends and family.
  • Show support and an open ear with Jon – marriage can be hard work and we have been fortunate to have a good one thus far (not without some bumps); our commute time and evening after the kids go to bed has been cherished time that we talk and connect. A new born is going to f* all that up royally so I need to remember to check in with him and be patient and be honest and communicate with him and not let life take over. Allow love to shine rather than the logistics of raising a young family.
  • Continue participating in Liv’s school and Grayson’s activities as well as our nightly family dinners. Working outside the home with travel involved makes this balancing act tough but our village makes it possible.


  • Take.it.easy. No seriously; this pregnancy has been wildly different than the other two in that my older body has random weekly ailments (one week it’s my pelvis, the other week my right buttcheeck). I need to just go slow and continue to relax postpartum. Realize I can’t do it all.
  • That said, I’d love to kick my body back into shape when I’m feeling up to it. Utilize my home gym with the BBG post-partum app and work gym personal trainer.
  • Continue bike rides and stroller jogs.
  • Nurse #3 – I’ve been warned this is infinitely harder with TWO kids running around however we have a great support system and Jon is 100% the reason I did this in the first place (his research in reading Brain Rules for Baby is eye opening!) and I love his support and bottle cleaning gusto. If I make it to 6 months, I have my eyes on these.


  • Week 8 trip – when the baby has gotten her initial round of vaccines, we’ll get out of dodge someplace warm; thinking Bahamas, Grand Caymen or back to Bermuda. We did this with Liv (Miami) and Gray (Laguna). Mama needs some sunshine!
  • Michigan – Jon really wants to rent a place in Michigan on the lake for a week and get back to nature. This sounds relaxing in theory but this city girl hates bugs; as long as there’s wine and sunshine I’ll be ok.
  • Europe – we toy around with going back to Paris or someplace new but an 8+ hour flight with 3 kids where we’re outnumbered does not a vacation make.


  • Ensure a successful Site based program with Big Brothers Big Sisters; this is the 5th year in a row that I have been integral into ensuring nearly 20 high school kids are matched with mentors at my company’s HQ.
  • Monthly volunteer initiative with Liv – still need to look into this…
  • Research and explore a new nonprofit to get involved in at the board level.
  • Donate to Paws, BBBS, and friend’s requests.

Financial: (I am legit copying and pasting from last year’s goals)

  • Be efficient and smart in spending
    • By: setting up auto bill pay; post household shopping list in public place
    • (OK, so I sucked at this last year; any tips??)
  • Continue to work with our financial planner on a quarterly basis to assess our goals


  • GET ORGANIZED – have one home for receipts (both physically and digitally); monthly financial goal meetings; shopping lists; home calendar;
  • READ – I have so many great books I want to read; let’s aim for 5 books this year.
  • Get into Podcasts – How I Built This and Monica Royer’s The Mentor Files have amazing interviews with entrepreneurs. I hope to listen to these while taking the baby for a walk or hitting our treadmill.
  • Continue the “me” time and taking care of my mind, body and soul. Little things like ensuring I do my nightly lotions and potions, using the GloPro (obsessed!!!), massages, facials, mani/pedi (and then using this alone time to decompress); keeping up with annual appointments at the dentist, derm, etc; stretching nightly before bed.

All of this sounds dandy (and actually doable) but this baby very well could throw a wrench in everything and I’ll be forced to slow down.

Curious what some of your goals/resolutions are for the New Year – please share!

Cheers to 2019!



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