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I love my mother. Let’s be honest, we all hope to become the best parts of our Moms. She is beyond thoughtful, kind spirited, has a generous heart and will do anything for loved ones. She always seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it, she is a marriage and family therapist after all (imagine growing up with that! *wink).  She loves to email, especially from her iPad (I swear she is more tech savvy than me!).   She is always on the hunt for great information and passes that knowledge onto my sister, Jon and I. In a weird way I love it, it makes me feel like she’s thinking of me, even on days when we don’t text or talk. I thought I would pass along some noteworthy discussion topics or just wacky information. Thinking this would be a great series to start for the blog, since I generally tend to receive a few articles daily… 🙂

  1. Don’t Drink the Water! Kidding, but be cautious of the lead levels in your water. Read more HERE.
  2. How to Raise Kind and Empathetic Children. The article is good at describing what they view as an opportunity to raise children in tune with their EQ, but doesn’t really provide a solution. I guess it should be inferred that the solution lies with NOT offering a carrot in the first place. Read more HERE.  
  3. Be Kind to Yourself. The opening paragraph really hooked me, because I do this. I beat myself if I don’t slay-all-day. Then again, I plop my pregnant self on the couch for 2 hours a night to relax so I guess I’m not that hard on myself 😉 That said,  Read more HERE.
  4. Cool Business Idea. She must have been watching Shark Tank. I actually just caught up and saw this episode and find Sam endearing, smart and someone I’d love to know personally. Plus, I happen to be obsessed with oatmeal. Go girl – keep rocking it!

Yia-Yia’s Quote of the Day: “Remember, if someone doesn’t know Chinese, if we speak it over and over they start to get it – it’s consistency. You are a kind soul, don’t change that. xoxo”

I would love to know if you find these random tidbits useful, if you even read them. Hope to spark some fun water cooler conversation and learn something new, hopefully with some #selfreflection thrown in too.





Jayme Stathos-VanderBloomen

Oh the articles! I have a backlog to catch up on (don’t tell mom). She is quite the quirky role model to aspire to. Can’t wait to see what she inspires next!

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