Georgia Grey 34 week pregnancy update and to-do list

Third Trimester Update & Baby To-do List

As of writing this I am 33 weeks pregnant and well into my third trimester. Now, when I post this is another story…I started 2019 with high hopes, a well-thought out content calendar, posts in draft and then life took over and Georgia Grey was put lower and lower on the priority list each day. I really hope to use my maternity leave as a time to lay some foundations with the blog, figure out how to increase my traffic, have a consistent and authentic voice. I really do enjoy this creative outlet and hope others do to. I have always wanted this platform to serve as a journal and a place where we all could learn, laugh and walk away feeling good about ourselves.

That said, I am SOOOOOO excited for baby girl to get here!!! Official due date is March 16th however I have an inkling she is going to come earlier than that and this mama needs to be prepared. Gray came 10 days early (Liv 2 days late) and I was NOT ready for that. I took a work call hours after labor and felt totally out of control just leaving my job when I did. In order to prepare for #3 (not sharing her name yet!!! and yes, we think we have it picked out, let’s hope so as I already ordered a few things embroidered with her name on them!), I am doing what I do best which is create a to-do list. I share my specific one below. Given this isn’t our first rodeo, it’s not the typical list but specific to welcoming a third child to our crazy family.

Liv & Gray Hospital Georgia Grey 34 week Update

But first, I’ll share this has not been the easiest pregnancy. I’m sure cramming 3 pregnancies in 4 years isn’t the best for my body, but we really want our children close in age and I realize how lucky we are to be able to do so. It seems that each week I have different body part that pains me – lower back, right butt check (like wtf?!), pelvis, tailbone, right rib. I have continued to take it easy, not wear heels anymore (after a work trip to NY at 26 weeks I could barely walk for days, oops!), work out with my trainer twice a week, stuff my face with high protein meals, fun smoothie recipes and brownie bites from Whole Foods (two-bites my ass!), spoil myself with massages, foot rubs by the hubs, epsom salt baths and enjoying the laughter and chaos of my toddlers. They both are so sweet, kissing my belly and Grayson has started to say “baby sisters room” when we play hide and seek upstairs and he hides in her closet. Liv is totally ready to help out (on her schedule of course).

Georgia Grey 34 week pregnancy update and to-do list

OK, here are things I need to do before she gets here:

Postpartum Stressors – I read about this somewhere and thought it was genius. Essentially, spend some time talking with the hubs about what might trigger a hormonal rage, come up with solutions and then actual ways to implement (and WRITE these down!). These could be lack of sleep, when he’ll return to work, nursing issues. When I’m sleep deprived I can’t think straight so working out some issues in advance will hopefully help me see through the fog. The first 4-8 weeks are the hardest for me.

  • Order new jammies and comfy clothes. You know how gross the after-math of child birth is. I like to get new loose clothes that can handle the grossness, but also make me feel confident and good. Hope that makes sense. Found these Ugg jammies and these joggers and these black pants.
  • Toiletry Needs: epsom salt, hemorrhoid cream, pads, stool softener, ibuprofen, soluble fiber. Mamas, #youknow.
  • Pack Hospital Bag: cute outfits for photos (for kids and parents). See the pic above for how cute the kids were in their Monica & Andy outfits when Gray was born! Will be ordering a few things ASAP. Will also do a separate post on what I’m packing – you might be surprised with a few things, and my gross honesty!
  • Wash/organize the clothes – already did this and the smell of Dreft makes me SO excited for the newborn snuggles!
  • Load up on diapers, wipes, swaddles and newborn onesies with the hand covers – done
  • Baby Announcements + Thank You Cards. Will be ordering the cutest ones from Basic Invite. You can customize every color on the card, so her theme and color will be perfect! I’m a nut and have this ready to go, just drop in her info and hit order, boom! We used Basic Invite for our holiday cards and love them! Read about it HERE.
  • Install Liv’s Car Seat – we ordered the Diono for Liv to fit in the middle of the Uppa Baby infant and the Maxi Cosi convertible (Gray will move here). Trying to figure out how to get 3 car seats across was a battle!
  • Household essentials – toilet paper, kleenex, vitamins, shampoo – use mom’s Costco membership or Amazon Prime the hell out of everything.
  • Decorate and Set Up Nursery – super excited as we have nearly everything and hired Fixer to come and hang the curtains, shelves, light fixture and mirror. Will do a post on the nursery, theme and where I got everything. Never heard of Fixer? Holy Lifesaver fellow-Chicagoans!!!! They are a handyman on demand service and we use them all the time to help out around the house!
  • Sterilize Pump + parts – will do as we near the due date.
  • Get new pump from Insurance – sadly insurance covers one every 36 months. The one I have from Gray still works I just worry about sanitation issues so I’ll sterilize the crap out of it!
  • Plan separate dates with each kid.
    • Grayson: breakfast out, Tunes with Tim at Monica & Andy, lunch & playtime at Little Beans, home for nap
    • Olivia: breakfast out, Museum of Science & Industry (her choice), afternoon at the movies (my choice)
  • Babymoon with Jon: keeping it local and headed to the Peninsula for a staycation and spa retreat. Beyond excited to sit by the indoor pool on the 19th floor, read a book and enjoy a relaxing massage!
  • Work Related – finish my master to-do sheet, meet with boss to discuss transition; nearly complete with this!

Wow, that’s rather long! Luckily most is done or in progress. What am I missing??

Can’t wait to meet you baby girl!



Georgia Grey 34 week pregnancy update and to-do list

Olivia is clearly ready to help!!




So excited to meet #3!!!! Two bite brownies 🤣

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