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What I’m Packing in my Hospital Bag for No. 3

I feel more comfortable packing the hospital bag this time around for baby number three. If everything goes smoothly (but why would it), I somewhat know what to expect and what I’ll need. And I’m trying some new things too (like adult diapers rather than the mesh underwear and pads; TMI, but we are talking about birth here). I am embarrassed at all the gear we brought with for Olivia (scroll down for that terrible pic!). Packing everything in my expandable Longchamp Tote that I am obsessed with!

For Mom:

  • Comfy Pajamas – these should be dark in theory to not show any after birth grossness.
  • Nursing Tank Top – I love these paired with comfy pants and a cute robe.
  • Pillow – I love my own pillow
  • Slippers
  • Custom Hospital Gown – total bougie but I did get one with my initials embroidered on it and love it!
  • Photo Outfit – remember ladies, you’re going to look 6 months pregnant postpartum, something that conceals this will make you love your photos for years to come.
  • Going Home Outfit
  • Five Year Journal – I’ve mentioned my love for these in the past and still write in the two I have every night before bed.

For Baby:

  • Hat
  • Outfits – yes the hospital provides the little white shirts, but you’ll want something cute for pictures and going home
  • Blanket – I do love these custom monogrammed blankets by Monica & Andy
  • Swaddle
  • Teeny socks
  • Sound Machine – now we haven’t done this with the other two but I am thinking all that I know about how loud the womb is and then how quiet the hospital room can be, I should probably bring this.
  • Car Seat

Toiletry Bag:

  • Flip Flops – in case you do shower, I just find no matter how nice of a hospital, you kinda don’t want your feet touching the ground. Ever.
  • Hair Dryer – you bet I’ll be bringing my Dyson Airwrap. Bouncy curls in 14 minutes perfect for any photo opp? Yes please!
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Face Mask – something moisturizing since the air can feel dry
  • Make-up – keep it simple, you don’t need a glam squad. Mascara, lipgloss, brow gel and the best freaking under eye cream and concealer on the market. You’re not going to sleep again for what feels like years. Fake it.
  • Nipple Cream – Anything else nursing related I found useless as my milk didn’t come in until I got home.


  • Nurses Gifts – I was lucky enough that my mom baked cookies for the nurses with both Liv and Gray. Thinking I’ll pick up some Blue Mercury gift cards with mini samples or Starbucks cards this time around or give out my product, RingHero – nurses LOVE to protect their rings while at work!
  • Soluble Fiber – this was my best friend with Grayson; I would add it to every glass of water 24/7 and let me tell you had zero issues in the number two department.
  • Hemorrhoid Wipes/Cream
  • Adult Diapers – trying this brand
  • Sibling Gifts – our kids love the Jelly Cat stuffed animals so that’s what they’re getting!
  • Camera – in case you want to practice your photog skills and your iPhone isn’t enough.
  • Laptop – NOT for work silly! In my recent post on my pregnancy update I mentioned having already picked out the Birth Announcements, so use the laptop to drop in the pic and relevant details and order – boom!

The hospital should provide you with a cleansing bottle for your after-birth parts, stool softener, those lovely mesh undies, ice packs and pads. If what they provide isn’t up to snuff, get these yourself in advance.

For Dad: remind him to bring his own pillow, comfy jammies, portable speaker, slippers, kindle, toiletries. I have a little surprise up my sleeve for him too (he does read this blog so keeping it a secret!).

Would love to know some of your hospital must-have’s or any postpartum recovery hacks!




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