Georgia Grey Animal Birthday Party

Grayson is Two

A letter to my baby boy. (and sharing hilarious pics from his party this past weekend!! A traveling petting zoo? Yes please!)

It honestly feels like yesterday the midwife plopped you on my stomach mere seconds after you were born. Crying, squishy and all mine. My baby boy. I can’t believe you are two-you feel so old when you talk and show you understand something yet you are still tiny in mine and Daddy’s arms. Your smile brightens up the world and your tears pull at my heart. And boy can you turn on the water works when you get frustrated (ie Liv won’t share or we decline the 10th bedtime book)! Your belly laughs rock me to the core and make me feel a purpose in this world. The way you look at me with curious eyes, mischievous at times and so so sweet. How you play with Olivia and look at her with such admiration – your “trips” and couch jumps, building blocks, soccer and gymnastics classes, you two are peas in a pod. Your gentle heart is infectious and your cautious yet playful spirit is fun to see blossom.

A few highlights from the past year:

  • You utterly adore your sister (most of the time – ha) and we are beyond thankful for your relationship and watching this blossom.
  • Still love to sleep with your paci(s), lovey and a few stuffed animals
  • Took swim class in the Spring
  • Rejected milk and most dairy
  • Went through a period where you were obsessed with playing in Rooney’s crate
  • Traveled to Scottsdale, San Diego and Walt Disney World
  • Have the best giggle I have ever heard
  • Battled through the cold and no nap for an epic Cubs vs White Sox game for Mother’s Day
  • Finally walked at 17 months!
  • Enjoyed bike rides to the beach and actually kept your helmet on
  • Can always fall asleep in Daddy’s arms
  • Finally got your first haircut in October – I was SO sad to see the mullet go but honestly think you are so handsome with the trim ‘do!
  • Made it 13 months of nursing and snuggles – took another 4 months to wean from the bottle
  • Your vocabulary astounds us on the regular; you can count to 10 and say your ABCs (mostly) and love to sing Twinkle Twinkle as we say goodnight.
  • Dressed up as Batman for Halloween and had the cutest voice saying “trick or treat”
  • Sat through an entire live performance of the Grinch like a boss
  • Love to kiss (and occasionally jump on) “baby sister” in my belly.
  • Helped to decorate the Christmas tree this year and got into the Christmas spirit with no tears for Santa.
  • You eat SO much we seriously wonder where it all goes (hey mr. 9%!).

We love you so much Gracino Bumblebino! Happy 2nd Birthday, bubbies!


Mom & Dad

Here are some pics from his party – we had Chicago Traveling Zoo come to the house and let’s just say it was EPIC! They brought 8 animals of our choosing from their wild selection and the kids and most adults had a blast! Thank you to those that came and celebrated!!

*Balloons by Paris 312 and cake by West Town Bakery (and yes, we save all the cake toppers in our freezer, well, my mom’s freezer).

Georgia Grey Animal Birthday Party
Georgia Grey Animal Birthday Party
Georgia Grey Animal Birthday Party
Graysons Second Birthday Animal Party

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