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Staying Fit Throughout Pregnancy

Disclaimer: I fully realize I have great genes for a fit foundation (ie a super insane metabolism). That said, I really do care about my insides as well as the outsides. So it’s important to me that I try to stay fit throughout my pregnancy to ensure my body is getting the proper care and attention as I grow baby girl (less than 3 weeks #butwhoscounting). Sharing my recipe for a healthy pregnancy below.

While pregnant, I am for 8-9 hours of sleep per night, 100oz of water a day, 75 grams of protein and then generally ensure I’m not eating too much sugar or foods high in sodium. Anyone who knows me knows that the only thing I generally ever count or care about (even while not pregnant) is sodium. To me, it’s like the gateway drug to bad decisions.

Don’t get me wrong, this girl looooooves sweets and you can count on me eating a cookie, donut or those delicious Whole Foods two-bite brownies every day. I work out with a personal trainer in my office building for 30 minutes twice a week + chasing after 2 toddlers is a workout in and of itself! #amiright? Also, I find this time with my trainer something necessary and feel lucky to be able to carve out time in the day to do this, otherwise I have no idea when I would work out. And she’s kind of like a therapist so that’s a win! My go-to athletic accessory? RingHero!! The wristband that keeps your rings safe. Not familiar? Check out my post on my sidehustle here!

Fave Go-To Foods:

  • Breakfast:
    • Nature’s Path Flax Waffles w/Almond Butter + blueberries, raspberries, banana or pear.
    • Nature’s Path Flax Cereal w/Flax Milk or Ripple (this amazing new Pea based milk that I am totally hooked on due to their radio ads! Yes, I sound like a senior citizen). I honestly have been eating this every morning for like the past decade! Jon calls it eating sand 😉
    • Birch Benders Protein Pancakes w/OJ (calcium + Vitamin D fortified) + fruit
  • Lunch: (I grab my lunch from these places as I cherish the walk and quit time, typically eat it back at my desk while working and believe in outsourcing one meal a day anyways). I aim for high protein, lots of veggies.
    • Protein Bar, Pret A Manger, Three Greens, MarketPlace at 444 West Lake, Hannah’s Bretzel
  • Dinner:
    • Plated recipes 3 times per week
    • Mix between Grub Hub, Frozen Pizza (more often than I should admit to) and eating out at neighborhood spots. I am craaaaaving a margarita from Que Rico!!!

Fave Go-To Exercise Moves – do in a circuit; 8-15 reps each (of one exercise in each area of arms, legs, core), started at 5lbs worked up to 10+ lbs; repeat circuit 3 times.


  • TRX Tricep Extension – here is a link to a great workout using TRX (huge bonus if your gym has this equipment!)
  • Shoulder Press
  • Deadlift – as I got larger and my balance was an issue, we dropped the weights and just used my body weight.
  • Bent over row + tricep extension
  • Chest press and Chest Fly while sitting on an incline on a bench
  • Check this link for visuals


  • Side lunges
  • Squats – sumo squats
  • Step ups, holding dumbells
  • Walking lunges


  • Side Plank – hold for 15 secs
  • Commando on bench incline
  • Using the TRX also works the core – bonus!

Would love to know what other fit mama’s do to get in a little me workout time.





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