Life Update – Heading Back to Work

As I head back to work next week I have all the feels. Excitement to get back to a career I love; grateful for the additional time off. Sadness to leave my kids, my sweet baby Lenora. Anxious to get life back into some sort of routine. Nervous as to how our family of 5 will now function. (read on for BIG news and some cute pics from our newborn shoot!)

While the early weeks were full of snuggles, newborn sleepies, pure exhaustion and crazy hormones, I have really settled into the chaos of recent. Fairly early into my PP, our beloved nanny went down to 1 Day per week (she got offered a great job back in the airline field, we are so proud of her and love her dearly) but it was a blow this hormonal mom wasn’t prepared for. I was devastated and my thoughts went dark real quick: Lenny is going to be different than Liv and Gray because she’s not going to have the same gentle caregiver; how would we manage? Do I have the energy to find someone new and ensure they are as great as H? How would we ever find someone as caring, loving and patient? Newsflash, I’m crazy and immediately put a plan in place, ie called our agency and lined up interviews stat. Crisis averted as we found an ideal new nanny, not expecting her to replace H but be her own person. She is kind, imaginative, funny, tidy and will and has fit in just fine, better than expected.

I cherish the time spent with our children; rocking out to Taylor Swift any and every time we’re in the car, which was a lot but once I stopped resisting shuffling the kids around we had a lot of fun. I just hate being late and that definitely gave me waves of stress and anxiety. Eating lunch together. Riding their scooters and getting better at it (omg the way Gray lifts his left leg up like a flamingo has me rolling!). Endless swing time at parks. And watching their love for each other and their baby sister blossom.

All of these things I will continue to experience but something about the quantity and quality of them during my leave warms my heart. It also makes me think about how I want to change some things in life when I do go back to work -not over schedule the weekends, not try to speed through the evening/bedtime routine so I can sit my ass on the couch, rather have fun and be imaginative and silly. Just be with our kids. Use our imagination to play Grays car game, or Liv’s Elsa and Anna cape game, tea parties, hockey in the basement or golf in the backyard. We have gotten into a good groove of having Family Meetings when the kids go to sleep on Sundays – review our Domains, schedule for the week and usually a funny memory of something the kids did to round it out. These are especially unique after a marg (or two) at Que Rico, our usual Sunday evening / weekend nightcaps to avoid the #sundayscaries.

Also, some big news, we are in the midst of buying and selling our home so our summer is about to get even more crazy as we are doing extensive renovations on this new house. Timing less than ideal with a newborn but an opportunity too good to pass up. More details to come!

So what is life like with 3? Well my leave has been anything but a break, as a recent dink referred to it as (you know, Dual Income No Kids). Every day is unlike the previous, unpredictable and unscheduled. As an exclusive BF mom, that part is hard. I find myself always watching the clock, trying to figure out when I need to nurse Lenny and if the timing will allow for me to pick up Liv from school, or go with to Grayson’s soccer class, things that bring me joy but are also difficult to manage for this type A that thrives on a schedule and predictability.

Now I know when parents have an “easy” baby what that means; Lenny is such an easy baby! She sleeps decently well & doesn’t take forever to put to sleep at this age, eats like a champ, is happy, relatively quiet and goes with the flow.

I do get comments like rockstar mom! Or supermom! Or how do you do it “all”? While I appreciate the sentiments in earnest, I guess I just know my limitations and have always been a planner/thoughtful person. And I don’t know if I have loosened up as I’ve settled into the mom role or losing my dad nearly 4 years ago, but I just don’t sweat the small stuff. I just can’t. Life is a gift and we should cherish it every day.

Curious how other moms feel about going back to work, how you juggle life with multiple kids.

Happy Friday!




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